The Expo brings native wildflower/grass growers (as well as growers of woody plants) to town en masse. Finding growers that offer truly “clean food” for pollinators is challenging: The growers in this expo don’t use neonicotinoids or other systemic pesticides. And finding plants in the metro area that are truly Minnesota natives (not cultivars, not non-native perennials, not nativars—many of which have  diminished wildlife value as compared to natives), is just about impossible. The expo brings twelve regional growers to town for a one day sale at the Cub Foods Community Pavilion in Roseville. Because these types of growers are located in rural areas, accessing them usually means “road trip.” This sale brings the growers to the buyers. But, this is not just a sale. It is also a free educational forum in which attendees can learn about the importance of native plants from local experts and organizations (the event is sponsored by not-for-profit organizations such as the St. Paul Audubon Society, Capitol Region Watershed District, and Wild Ones).


  • Occurred Saturday, June 4th, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 3:00 pm


Cub Foods Community Pavilion, 1201 Larpenteur Avenue W., Roseville, MN, 55118, United States of America


Howard Markus, 651.731.8114,
John Vernon

Expo and market of plants both at one place really excites the person that has interest to know about the best essay writers online. I have been to this expo and there were many new species of plant that I haven’t seen before.

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