Braham man charged with murder following arrest for break-in

David Daryl Pangerl

 David Daryl Pangerl, 42, of Braham has been charged with second degree homicide in regards to the death of Scott Ness. Pangerl also faces a number of other felony charges, including robbery, burglary and assault stemming from a more recent incident. 

Body found, investigation begins

According to the criminal complaint filed in Pine County Court, Pine County dispatchers received a 911 call on March 2, 2020, reporting that a dead body had been found in a motor home on Royal Heights Lane in Braham.

Deputies and investigators from the Pine County Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and located a deceased male, later identified as Scott Ness, on the floor inside the motor home. It was clear that he had been deceased for some time and the body was frozen. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) was contacted to assist with the investigation. 

Investigators found a substantial amount of blood inside the motor home and a bullet hole exiting the rear of the motor home. A bullet was recovered from the wall near the body. No firearms were located inside the motor home. A .45 caliber casing was located near the body.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office later performed an autopsy and determined the official cause of death for Ness to be a gunshot wound to the head.

Investigators spoke to a number of witnesses who gave them background information on Ness. Several of the witnesses expressed concerns that if they gave information to law enforcement it would put their own lives in danger. 

Over the course of many interviews over the following months, investigators were able to ascertain that Pangerl may have been involved in the shooting. 

On June 17, a search warrant was executed at Pangerl’s residence. Numerous .45 caliber shell casings were located in the dirt outside near a homemade target with multiple bullet holes. Inside the residence, officers located a .45 caliber handgun magazine and .45 caliber ammunition but no .45 caliber firearm.

Investigators continued to speak with a number of witnesses who knew one or both men. Witnesses told investigators that Pangerl was angry at Ness over a perceived altercation between Ness and a woman they both knew.

Break in reported 

On Dec. 10, at approximately 3:40 a.m., the Pine County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call from a couple reporting that Pangerl  had broken into their house with a gun and had now left the Henriette residence. 

A deputy arriving at the scene immediately noticed that the front door was hanging open and appeared broken. The residents, a man and a woman, reported that they had been sleeping in their bedroom when they were awoken to the sound of their front door being kicked in. They heard things being thrown around in the living room and then the bedroom door was kicked and then opened by Pangerl. They said Pangerl entered carrying a black handgun with a wooden grip, which he pointed at them. 

The man knew Pangerl and had recently purchased a vehicle from him. He said Pangerl demanded the title and keys back for the vehicle he had sold the man the week prior. The man said he didn’t know where the keys were but he gave Pangerl the title. 

The woman then said she was going to call 911. She said Pangerl grabbed her around the throat and threatened her, and that he grabbed a hammer and held it up as if he was going to hit her in the head with it. The woman had fresh red marks and slight bruising on her neck that the deputy observed.

Pangerl was arrested on Dec. 11, 2020 in Kanabec County He was booked on charges of robbery, burglary and assault at that time. Pangerl had bail set at two million dollars today for the homicide case and he remains in the Pine County jail.

Pangerl now faces charges of second degree murder, felony aggravated robbery, first degree burglary and second degree assault. The maximum charge is 40 years in prison. 

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