Business finally in compliance with CUP

First State Tire will be allowed to continue operating at its location in Isanti County after coming into full compliance with its condition use permit.

A public hearing was scheduled to take place May 6 regarding the latest compliance issue in which a tire pile at the property had been moved to a location not allowed by its CUP. However, upon inspection May 4, that tire pile had been returned to its original location and was again in compliance, according to Zoning Administrator Trina Bergloff. Therefore, a motion was made and approved by the Isanti County Board to strike the public hearing,

The board then made and approved a motion finding that First State Tire had violated its conditional use permit due to the height of its tire piles during a previous inspection. A public hearing took place March 18 regarding that issue, and First State Tire was given additional time to bring the height of the tire piles into compliance.

A third motion was made and approved to not revoke First State Tire’s CUP, and directing the Zoning Administrator to conduct frequent inspections of the property to ensure it remains in compliance with its CUP. 

“I would just really like to highlight the fact that this is the first time probably since he has come on to the property in Isanti County that he’s actually been in compliance,” said Isanti County Commissioner Susan Morris. “I’m glad he is, and I totally concur that we need to watch him like a hawk. And so, lots of surprise visits out there would be totally in order.”

Relief for liquor license holders and property tax payers

The board is providing relief for the county’s liquor license holders and property tax payers due to the current pandemic affecting the world.

Liquor license holders will be offered a credit on their liquor license renewals. The credit reflects a prorated reduction in their liquor license fees for the time they were forced to close their business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Property tax payers are given relief by waiving the fees for paying their taxes late, as long as the taxes are paid by June 30. 

“Due to the COVID-19 situation, many businesses have been closed and a lot of people have lost their jobs, unfortunately,” said Isanti County Auditor Chad Struss. “It’s obviously a very tough economic situation for the entire country, actually the entire world probably.”  

Property tax payers who wish to take advantage of the relief must fill out an application with the auditor’s office stating they are seeking the relief. If the property taxes are not paid by June 30, then the penalties for paying late taxes will be applied.

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