Cambridge Christian School  honors two long-time teachers

Jeff Bonkoski (seated from left) and Gail Lind were honored May 22 at an assembly at Cambridge Christian School for their combined 43 years of service to the school. Bonkoski is taking a new ministry position, and Lind is retiring.

Cambridge Christian School honored two teachers at a school assembly on Wednesday, May 22.

Gail Lind, a kindergarten teacher, has taught at Cambridge Christian School for 19 years. She is retiring after this school year.  

Jeff Bonkoski, a secondary Bible teacher, athletic director, basketball coach and technology director, has taught and worked at Cambridge Christian School for 24 years. He is moving into a ministry coordinator position at Lakeside Christian Church after this school year.

CCS students, faculty, board members and alumni spent time honoring both teachers by sharing favorite and funny stories and by telling them how much their work has changed lives. Students thanked Mrs. Lind for teaching them how to read and told her they would miss her, while an alumna who is becoming a teacher shared how much she had learned from how Gail taught her.  

Coworkers shared about how Gail delights in her students, seeing them as unique and special creations and working to help each of them learn individualistically.  

High school students shared with Mr. Bonkoski about how his challenging classes had trained them for college level courses, and alumni shared how his mentoring during school and on retreats with the students had changed and shaped their lives and thanked him for his wisdom and integrity. 

Coworkers shared about how Jeff’s fingerprints were on every part of the school, how he had worked so tirelessly and selflessly to serve the school, and how much they loved working with him. 

Board members thanked them both and spoke of the impact both of them had had on their own children and presented them with gifts to honor their years of service.

The unique relationships that teachers and students are able to share in the smaller atmosphere of CCS was evident from all of the anecdotes and testimonies that so many shared on Wednesday. Gail and Jeff have shaped and mentored so many lives, and their time at CCS will continue to bear fruit in the lives of so many of their students over time.

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