Cambridge City Hall reopens to public

Mark Ziebarth (left) gets sworn in as the new Cambridge City Council member by Mayor Jim Godfrey (right). Mark’s wife, Cathy, is holding the Bible during the ceremony.

Based on the continuing decline of positive COVID cases in the area, the Cambridge City Council has decided to once again open City Hall to the public, effective immediately. City Hall had been closed to general public walk-ins since November when the positive test rates drastically increased.

“The infection rate has begun to decline again with a positivity testing percentage of less than three percent,” City Administrator Lynda Woulfe said in her report to the council.

Woulfe noted that since this most recent closure, plexiglass barriers have been put into place at the front counters, which will add an additional level of safety for both staff and the general public.

In addition to City Hall reopening, Northbound Liquor Manager Bobbi Mix asked the council to approve the store reopening on Sundays. Also in November, the city-owned liquor store was closed on Sundays in order to give employees a full cleaning day without customers. Mix said since winter sales tend to be lower, she felt the store could be open seven days a week and still keep up with cleaning.

Based on this information, the council unanimously approved reopening City Hall beginning Tuesday, Jan. 5 and having Northbound Liquors be open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sundays, beginning on Sunday, Jan. 10.

Odds and ends

Also at the Jan. 4 meeting, the council:

Approved a request from Mix to replace four beer doors of shelving from flat to the track rolling. Mix said this will allow more product on the shelves. The cost of this will be $5,110, which will come from the liquor store’s budget.

Named the Isanti-Chisago County Star as the city’s official newspaper. While both local publications presented nearly identical bids, the council chose the Star based on them being a free distribution newspaper versus the NewsReview’s subscription-based distribution.

Designated Todd Schuster as the new Deputy Director of Emergency Management. Previously, Woulfe held that position, but based on her upcoming retirement later this year, a change needed to be made.

Approved a survey proposal to draft a legal description for a property located in Calhoun Place. According to Assistant City Administrator Evan Vogel, the property, which is currently city-owned, was approved by the council in April, 2019 to be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Vogel said in order to complete the donation, a survey needs to be completed to clarify the lot lines. They city has received an estimate from Kyle Roddy of LHB, Inc. to perform the survey for $800, which Vogel said is a very low bid for such services.

Set the council’s annual visioning session to be held on Friday, Feb. 12.

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