Cambridge launches community podcast shows

The City of Cambridge announces the launching of a new series of community podcast shows designed to engage residents, businesses and local organizations. The show, The Cambridge Chat, will offer information on current city updates, local news and upcoming community activities and events. The show will also offer a wide range of guests and opportunities for listeners to call in with their questions and topic feedback during the live shows.

“We feel this is a great opportunity to reach out to our community and invite them to join us on the show. We want to create a new platform allowing for thoughtful and constructive conversation that is aimed at making Cambridge an even better place to live,” said Lynda Woulfe, City Administrator and show host. 

This opportunity was discussed several months ago between Woulfe and Todd Streeter, principal, Community Collaboration, who assisted the city with their downtown revitalization initiative in 2016. Streeter has created Community Connections Network, a podcast production service assisting municipalities with the development and production of podcast shows. 

“I have been seeking new ways to bring communities closer together and having done a radio show in the past, I took a serious look into podcasts as a great medium that municipalities can use to really have a conversation with their citizens,” Streeter said. “Lynda and I did a radio interview during the downtown revitalization project and when I was searching for feedback on the concept I naturally reached out to her.”  

“I thought it was a fabulous idea,” adds Woulfe. “What we really want to do is give our community an opportunity to participate on the live show so we can have fun and engaging conversations. We don’t want to just share information but learn from one another and get us moving in a positive direction during these challenging times. This is a pilot series and an opportunity to test the show for long-term consideration so we really need everyone to get behind it and help build it into something special.” 

While show details are still being developed, the city encourages residents to visit the show website page and subscribe to the show for more details and show notifications. A show trailer can be heard by visiting the city website at 

Anyone wishing to be considered as a guest on the podcast or for more information can contact the city.

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