City of Isanti accepts  ‘Heart Safe’ designation

The city of Isanti received the designation of “Heart Safe Community” for its commitment to placing AEDs and training for their use. At the presentation on July 2 were (from left) council member Jimmy Gordon, Isanti Fire District Chief Al Jankovich, council member Paul Bergley, mayor Jeff Johnson, Isanti police chief Travis Muyres, council member Dan Collison and council member Steve Lundeen. 

Isanti Fire District Chief Al Jankovich attended the July 2 Isanti council meeting to present the city with the Heart Safe Community award, which was awarded to the county and all cities within the county at the June 19 county board meeting.

Jankovich noted that Isanti is one of only three counties in Minnesota to achieve the designation of Heart Safe Community. The county achieved the designation by placing Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) throughout the county and providing awareness-level training to a certain amount of community members, according to Jankovich.

Isanti mayor Jeff Johnson said it was very appropriate that the county, and specifically the city of Isanti, received the award as one of their own council members was resuscitated by an AED.

“Your fire department and the Isanti police department saved the life of one of our council members,” Johnson noted. “You ‘jumpstarted’ councilman Bergley four times and got him ticking again.”

City to request bids for legal services

For approximately 40 years, the city of Isanti has been represented in legal matters by Clark Joslin, who has been automatically appointed by the council on an annual basis with no contract for city attorney and prosecuting purposes. However, that is about to change. 

The council approved sending out a request for proposals to procure legal services. Any interested law firms can submit a proposal for the prosecution services for charges less than a felony and/or a proposal for official city attorney services. The deadline for receiving proposals was set at Aug. 2. 

City approves participation in National Night to Unite

The council adopted a resolution approving participation in National Night to Unite. The nationwide event takes place the first Tuesday in August annually, and Isanti typically has several neighborhoods participating in the event with city police officers and fire department members visiting those locations.

“I don’t know why the city stopped doing this,” Johnson said. “The chief of police was excited (about restarting one) and jumped on board.”

Significant damage at BMX facility due to design flaw

The five-year-old BMX indoor arena suffered significant damage to its gutters and siding on the east side of the building due to ice sliding off the roof last winter, and the council adopted a resolution to submit an insurance claim to repair the damage.

The claim will be submitted to the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust, and the city will pay a $1,000 deductible. NHH Plus Roofing submitted the low bid to repair the damages, at a cost of approximately $25,000. 

City approves bid for intersection improvement

The council awarded the bid for construction improvements to the Highway 65 and Cajima Street intersection to ASTECH Corporation. This project is a joint effort between the city and MnDOT to change the dangerous intersection into a “J turn” intersection, much like several other intersections along the highway closer to the Twin Cities.

According to city engineer Jason Cook, ASTECH’s bid was approximately $112,000 higher than anticipated. Since MnDOT’s financial commitment towards the project was capped at $486,000, the city would have to come up with the difference of $112,000.

Mayor Johnson said that “our finance director flawlessly found the extra funds.”

According to city administrator Josie Woods, it is unknown when the project will be started; however, she believed it had to be completed by the beginning of next year. 

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