Thinking spring already? You can get a head start on spring by ordering trees and shrubs from the Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District. Our 2020 Tree and Shrub Order Form is available on our website or at our office in North Branch. 

There are some exciting changes this year. We have larger trees available in bundles of five. On the order form you will see large Basswood (3-4 ft.), Red Splendor Crabapple (2-3 ft.), and American Plum (2-3 ft.). If you don’t have the space for a full bundle of 25 trees or you want a little head start on growth, these might be a great option for you.

There are many other species to choose from in bundles of 25. These trees start at 12-18”, depending on species. We carry a variety of trees, from evergreens to shade trees, as well as a good selection of flowering shrub species.

Ordering early is your best chance to get the trees you want. Ordering is a first-come, first-serve basis, so order right away to be sure you get the species you want.

We also sell some supplies, including marker flags, to place next to your young trees and shrubs, root dip to help young trees retain moisture, fertilizer packets to drop in when you plant the tree or shrub, and Plantskydd to repel deer and rabbits. These items can be found on the Tree and Shrub Order Form.

Each tree or shrub bundle is $31 plus tax. If you order before Feb. 21, you receive an early order discount of $1 off per bundle. This discount is only good on tree and shrub bundles (it does not apply to supplies). 

To order, pick up an order form at our office, visit our website at, or call in an order with your credit card at 651-674-2333. 

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