MN State Representative, District 31A (16/18 precincts reporting)

Kurt Daudt (R) (Incumbent) 15,802

Brad Brown (D)5,380

MN State Representative, District 32A (16/20 precincts reporting)

Brian Johnson (R) (Incumbent) 11,896

Renae Berg (D)5,119

MN State Representative, District 32B (14/14 precincts reporting)

Anne Neu (R) (Incumbent)15,358

Katie Malchow (D)9,330

State Senate District 31 (25/32 precincts reporting)

Michelle Benson (R) (Incumbent)29,309

Kate Luthner (D)12,562

STATE SENATE DISTRICT 32 (28/34 Precincts reporting)

Mark Koran (R) (Incumbent) 26,702

Joshua Fike (D)13,224

Cambridge council (elect 2) (2/2 precincts reporting)

Lisa Iverson (Incumbent) 2,010

Joe Morin (Incumbent, appointed) 1,200

Tom Schibilla 1,246

Mark Ziebarth 2,343

North Branch Mayor (3 of 3 precincts reporting)

Jim Swenson (Incumbent) 3,693

Brian Voss 1,117

Gerard Kunz (withdrew from race, name still on ballot)353

Chisago County Commissioner District 2 (5/8 precincts reporting)

Rick Greene (Incumbent) 1,745

Nicholas Brehm 830

Cambridge-Isanti School Board (Elect 3) (18 of 18 precincts reporting)

Gary Hawkins (Incumbent)7,618

Carri Levitski (Incumbent)7,038

Heidi Sprandel (Incumbent)7,874

George Wimmer 5,560

Cambridge-Isanti School Board Referendum (18 of 18 precincts Reporting)

Yes 6,403

No 10,596

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