As expected, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced on Monday, March 23 that all Minnesota schools would most likely remain closed past the original date of Friday, March 27. Schools have been closed since March 18 to prepare for an extended "distance learning" situation where they would be closed for an extended period of time, possibly all the way to the end of the school year.

During a press conference held via conference call due to Walz self-quarantining following the revelation that he has been in contact with someone who has since tested positive for COVID-19, Walz stated that extending the school closure period is "probably inevitable," however he didn't want to commit to a specific timeframe until later in the week.

Besides the school closures, the closing of businesses such as restaurants, bars, fitness centers and other businesses are set to expire this weekend. However, in light of several other states - including Wisconsin - declaring "shelter in place" orders, the possibility of Minnesota declaring a "shelter in place" becomes more of a possibility, and Walz doesn't want to declare timeframe for only schools that would conflict with a timeframe for a potential "shelter in place."

"What we wanted to do is not send a mixed message," Walz said.

At the same time, Walz said he was hesitant to declare a "shelter in place" order. 

"I think it's counter-intuitive, you say 'just shut it down, keep everyone home, and this will be over,'" Walz said. "That is not the way it's going to work."

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