The Minnesota Department of Transportation encourages Minnesotans interested in flying drones to watch a new series of videos that the agency created in collaboration with TPT, the Twin Cities public television station.

Current and potential drone pilots can visit or to view the six-part series titled, “Drone Etiquette.” 

“As drone use becomes more prevalent we want the public to be aware of what drones can and cannot do,” said Cassandra Isackson, MnDOT aeronautics director. “This series of videos explains the rules and regulations to ensure safety for those on the ground and in the sky.”

Drones became widely available in the past few years, bringing many novice pilots into aviation. MnDOT’s role is to ensure aviation safety in the state and inform drone operators that they are acting as aviators in highly regulated airspace when flying drones. 

To reach this audience, which preliminary data suggests may be several hundred thousand people, MnDOT contracted with TPT to create the videos as their viewership corresponded with the demographic for distribution.  

MnDOT’s goal for the videos is to reduce public anxiety about drones by showing responsible drone use and to educate new owners on rules for the safe operation of drones.

The short videos are shown through MnDOT social media, between programing on TPT and at

- Out of the Box

- Born to Fly

- Using Drones to Inspect Trees

- Using Drones for Storytelling

- Using Drones to Inspect Bridges

- Know Your Place

 For more information about drones, visit:

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