Isanti clarifies council meeting procedures

The 2019 Isanti Ambassador candidates were introduced to the city council during the June 18 city council meeting. The Isanti Ambassador Coronation ceremony will be the grand finale of the Isanti Rodeo and Jubilee Days on Sunday, July 14, at 6 p.m. at the Isanti Middle School Auditorium.

It was a sort of flashback feeling at the June 18 Isanti city council meeting as the council made short work of the brief agenda.

During the meeting, which lasted just under 18 minutes, the one agenda item that received at least a moderate amount of discussion was the item to repeal and replace the ordinance on the rules of organization for council meetings.

“Originally, this came forward because, in reviewing Chapter 8, Section III (of the ordinance), we realized, in consultation with attorneys and the League of Minnesota Cities, that it could use some revising, as well as updating for things like clarity,” city administrator Josi Wood told the council.

During the discussion before the vote, council member Steve Lundeen addressed some concerns about this item that were posted on social media.

“I’d like people to understand, on citizen input, nothing has changed,” Lundeen said.

The part of the ordinance that was slightly changed was for placing an item on the meeting agenda. As before, if a resident talks directly to a council member, that council member can put an item directly onto an upcoming agenda. Besides that, for an item to be placed on the agenda, it must first be brought before the Committee of the Whole.

“What people don’t realize is the Committee of the Whole is all of us on the council who make the decision (to put an item on the agenda),” Lundeen said. “Before, it was only a couple people who made that decision. So it actually is being more transparent than it ever has been.”

“Anyone can attend the Committee of the Whole meetings,” added mayor Jeff Johnson. “It’s pretty much what we’ve always had, we’re just putting it in black and white in writing.”

Special event permits approved

As is the case every year, the council formally approved special event permits to the North 65 Chamber of Commerce for the annual Jubilee Days parade, which this year will be held on Thursday, July 11, along with the events to be held on Saturday, July 13, including the kiddie parade down Main Street, Kids Day activities, the turtle races and the ever-popular outhouse races, which will be celebrating their 30th anniversary.

The second permit approved was for the rodeo itself, which will be held on Friday and Saturday evenings, July 12-13.

“This is a remarkable event you guys put on,” mayor Johnson said, and added in reference to last year’s rodeo, “Let’s hope nobody gets thrown into the crowd this year.”

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