Isanti County Board appoints new assessor Elisha Long

Elisha Long (left) takes the oath of office from Chad Struss, Isanti County auditor-treasurer, to step into the position of Isanti County assessor. Long has served as the interim county assessor since August after filling the role of deputy assessor. 

Isanti County has a new county assessor, but she is far from new to the county.

During their Nov. 6 meeting, the Isanti County Board appointed Elisha Long as the new county assessor. 

Former assessor Michelle Moen resigned in August, and Long, who was the deputy assessor, has been serving as interim assessor since that time. 

Long took the oath of office at the meeting. 

“I would like to really congratulate you,” said Commissioner Susan Morris. “It was so awesome, because when we did the interviews, your passion just came through. It was just exciting to have somebody from our community who is qualified to do the job and has already been doing an excellent job for us. So, we’re just really happy to have you now as one of our new department heads.”

Long thanked the board and stated she would serve the community well.

Kojak retires

The county board also dealt with another issue of replacing a key position in the county.

The board accepted the retirement of Isanti County Sheriff K-9 Kojak. Following proper procedure, Kojak was deemed as “surplus” and donated to his handler, Jonathon Vandervegt, to live out the remainder of his life.

A formal ceremony recognizing Kojak’s retirement, as well as welcoming new Isanti County K-9 Maverick, will take place in December when Maverick graduates from K-9 school.

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