Isanti looking for SRO answers from district

Isanti Mayor George Wimmer updated the council at its May 1 meeting about communications with the Cambridge-Isanti School District regarding the school resource officer in Isanti schools.

Currently, the school resource officer in Isanti schools is a part-time position, but the city would like it to be a full-time position. Wimmer noted that the last communication received from the school district was last October when the city was negotiating better rates for the school 

resource officer position.

A letter was sent to the school district about two months ago regarding communication with the Isanti school resource officer when the school district was shut down due to a possible threat, according to Wimmer. However, the district has not yet responded to that letter.

“Hopefully that communication will get better in the future,” Wimmer said, noting there were businesses in the community, such as daycare centers, that did not know what was going on.

Pointing out that the city budget is a calendar budget, January through December, and the school district is July 1 through June 30, Wimmer said the district will be wrapping up its budget soon. 

“The contract, even for the part-time officer, ends in June. We have received no communication that they are going to continue it this fall,” Wimmer said, noting the city will send another letter to the district regarding the school resource officer position. 

Referencing the fact that Officer Adam Gau received an award for best school resource officer in the state, Wimmer added, “We have no idea why they are not communicating back on this issue.” He noted there have been conversations with the district regarding tennis courts and things like that, but not this particular issue. 

Noting that the district had to cut $1.5 million from its budget, and its unclear if that is part of the issue, Wimmer stated Isanti has to plan accordingly and look at its budget if the district will not be paying that portion of the officer’s wage when school resumes in the fall. 

“Hopefully we will get something soon, but I don’t know,” Wimmer said.

“Well, we’re in the dark,” commented Council Member Paul Bergley.

“Yes, we are. They’ve just gone completely silent on this issue,” Wimmer replied. 

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

· accepted a resolution approving the final plat for Kwik Trip. Wimmer noted construction is set to begin in August.

· accepted an amendment to a resolution for Isanti Retail Meats to allow a sit-down restaurant in conjunction with the existing meat market. Joe’s Broasted Chicken opened May 3 at the location.

· accepted a resolution for phase IV of the street lighting infill program.

· accepted a resolution authorizing the advertisement for bids for the 2018 pavement management project.

· accepted a resolution approving the combination of two parcels into one at 827 and 829 Whiskey Road.

· accepted a resolution approving a request from Circle B Ranch to amend the existing conditional use permit and site plan review approval.

· accepted a resolution for the vacation of a utility and drainage easement.

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