The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) supports the guidance provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Nov. 9. and is strongly encouraging Minnesotans to re-think their holiday plans if those plans include gathering in-person.

“Normally the last few months of the year are a time of celebration, of getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. But this year is unlike any other,” said MMA President Marilyn Peitso, MD. “As the CDC recommends, be mindful of the various factors that contribute to the risk of getting and spreading COVID-19 at in-person gatherings, and work to minimize your risk and that of others. We need to think of the health of our family and friends. You may feel fine and healthy, but what about grandpa and grandma or your elderly parents? The state is seeing tremendous growth in COVID-19 infections and deaths, and we need to all do our part to slow the spread.”

COVID-19 cases are on the rise in Minnesota. Intensive Care Units are filling up. Physicians and hospitals are stressed. “We realize that after eight months of fighting this pandemic, people are tired. Everyone has COVID fatigue, but we can’t let our defenses down now,” Peitso stressed. “We all have to work together to beat the virus.”

Minnesotans can help health care workers and their fellow citizens by wearing a mask when in public, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, staying home when you are sick and seeing your physician when you feel ill.

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