North Branch city council to fill vacancy via applications

The North Branch City Council has decided to fill the seat vacancy on the council by the same method as the last time there was an opening - with an application and interview process before making an appointment.

The last time an appointment was needed, it was to fill the seat vacated by Jim Swenson when he won the 2018 election for mayor while still having two years left on his council term. At that time, current Council Member Joel McPherson was chosen out of four applicants.

During the Oct. 13 council meeting, after formally accepting the resignation of Brian Voss and declaring a vacancy, the council unanimously approved posting application forms on the city’s website beginning as early as Wednesday, Oct. 14. The council also approved making 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30 the deadline for returning applications to City Hall.

Once the number of applicants has been discovered, the council will officially decide on an interview date and questions to be asked during their Nov. 10 council meeting. The council did approve a tentative schedule of conducting interviews on Thursday, Nov. 12, immediately following their election canvasing meeting. If there is a large number of applicants, the council may split the interview process into two days. However, since McPherson will be absent from that meeting, the council will wait until a special meeting on Nov. 17 to make the appointment. McPherson said he was fine with watching a recording of the interviews.  

The appointee, who will fill the remaining two years of Voss’ term, will be sworn in at the beginning of the Nov. 24 meeting.

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