Like many things during the COVID-19 pandemic, the North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) has had to modify the process for their search for a new superintendent to replace Dr. Deb Henton.

After reviewing roughly 25 applications, the NBAPS school board has narrowed the field to three candidates to be interviewed remotely on Thursday, April 2, beginning at 2:30 p.m. Finalists will be interviewed remotely again by the school board on April 9.

The candidates are:

·Todd Felhofer, District Administrator, 7/12 Principal, School District of Greenwood, Wisconsin.

·Sara Paul, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, White Bear Lake School District.

·Christina Bemboom, Senior Director of Student Support Services, Eden Prairie School District.

Candidates will be interviewed by three committees established by the School Board;  one a blend of staff and community members, another that includes administrators, and the third comprised of the school board itself. All interviews will be conducted virtually with all members of the three committees and candidates participating from remote locations. Committees will be facilitated by the school board’s search consultant, Big River Group.

School board committee interviews and meetings are public and will be live-streamed at the North Branch Area High School VIBE YouTube page: There will be an opportunity for those watching the live-stream of the school board committee to submit questions or comments to School Board Chair Kirby Ekstrom via e-mail.

Following the interviews on April 2, the School Board will hold a debriefing session to gather input from the other committees. The School Board will then determine who the finalist(s) are to be interviewed on April 9.

The April 9 interview(s) will take place toward the end of the agenda during the regular School Board meeting to be held virtually with all participants in separate remote locations. The April 9 meeting will also be live-streamed at the NBAHS VIBE YouTube page.

The interview(s) will be followed by school board discussion, and it is anticipated that prior to adjournment, the school board will select a finalist. Once a finalist is selected, the school board will enter into negotiations with that individual toward becoming the next Superintendent of North Branch Area Public Schools.

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