Thinking spring already? You can get a head start on spring by ordering trees and shrubs from the Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District.  

Our 2020 Tree and Shrub Order Form is available on our website or at our office in North Branch. We offer 25 different tree and shrub species in bareroot stock. Many species offered are native to Minnesota, which is indicated on the order form, with species descriptions on the back. 

One Minnesota staple offered are maples. You will see three different varieties of maple trees on the 2020 Tree and Shrub Order Form – silver, sugar and red. Each one has similarities and differences.

Silver maples are by far the tallest, growing to a height of 100 feet or more. They are also the fastest growing of the three maples offered. It has the largest trunk diameter, growing 36 inches wide or better. The three maples all have leaves with three to five points, but the silver maple has longer lobes with toothed points, and the leaves turn a pale yellow or orange in the fall on their broad, rounded crown. 

Sugar maples are a little shorter than the silver, reaching a height of 80 feet or more. They have a little skinnier trunk, growing 24 or more inches wide and have the slowest growth rate of the three species offered. The leaves have smooth points that turn red, orange or yellow in the fall on a symmetrical round crown. 

The last maple option on the order form is red. Red maple is the shortest, skinniest of the three on the order form; it grows to a height of 40 to 65 feet, and the trunk can get 10 to 24 inches wide. It has a moderate growth rate with, again, a round crown. Like the sugar, red maples turn red, orange or yellow in the fall, but the leaves are the most jagged of the three because it has serrated edges. 

Maples are very popular in ornamental settings because of their fall colors and round crowns. They are also popular for their syrup production, a popular Minnesota pastime! These three species can handle a variety of soils and have a moderate level of shade tolerance. They are a perfect addition to any property.

Each tree or shrub bundle is $31 plus tax. If you order before Feb. 21, you receive an early order discount of $1 off per bundle! This discount is only good on tree and shrub bundles (it does not apply to supplies).  

To order, pick up an order form at our office at 38814 3rd Avenue, North Branch, visit our website at, or call in an order with your credit card at 651-674-2333. 

SUSAN HUMBLE is with the Chisago Soil and Water Conservation District, 38814 Third Avenue, North Branch. She can be reached at 651-674-2333. 

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