The Braham Parks Department is evaluating upgrades to several of Braham area parks. The plan to upgrade the green spaces in the town is strategic and an investment that will affect the business communities and residents. 

Originally, the city was looking at upgrading Freedom Park this July, due to the cancellation of Pie Day. Their time frame changed when they realized that in 2023, Highway 107 is scheduled to be upgraded through town and much of the work done would be destroyed by the widening of the highway. The grading and filling in ruts created over time and the addition of sidewalks to the area have been put on hold for a few years. 

One thing they are addressing this year is moving the compost sight from across the street from Braham Event Center to just off of Quayle Street.  This will help make the green space there actually feel green and provide a more relaxing place to sit. 

 “It’s fairly simple, no one wants to sit at a picnic table across from a compost heap,” Angelia Grafstrom, the City Administrator, said.

The members of the Braham Parks Department consist of Vicky Ethan, Tish Carlson and Jake King. The Parks Department was disbanded in the early 2000s but has recently been reformed. 

There is no denying that security and the economy are very important to the stability of a city, but along with that comes a quality of life for all its citizens.  Providing safe, clean, and family-friendly parks and green spaces are very important. Therefore, they have taken on the new initiative that is part of the US Department of Transportation. The program is called Safe Routes to School. The goal of the program is to provide safe sidewalks and trails for students to ride or walk to school.  Members of the community can look for a survey that will be available on the website

The sidewalk upgrades are also a part of the Safe Routes to School program and would be a focus for the entire city. The SRTS program is focused on providing safe passage to and from school with friendly walkways and bike paths. The benefits of this program have many layers and include health and exercise, reducing inner-city traffic emissions, and providing less traffic congestion and less potential for motor vehicle injuries and fatalities.  

Grafstrom is always on the hunt for more grant money for more opportunities.  

“The key is we need more to offer, people and industries, and that can be done by adding more green space, it’s a go for the growth of our economy and our community,” she said. 

The goal is to continue to make Braham an inviting place for businesses, tourists travel through to a vacation destination, and of course, our everyday citizens that make up the community.

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