Shalom Shop introduces cold weather procedures

The Shalom Shop Thrift Store will be instituting new policies and procedures in light of the upcoming winter weather and continued COVID restrictions.

In light of continuing restrictions surrounding COVID-19, in addition to a more limited number of volunteers, and an increase in donated items, Cambridge Shalom Shop has announced new donation procedures that will be instituted beginning Nov. 1.

“We must reduce the volume of donations by eliminating the ‘junk,’” read a press release.

To that extent, they will no longer accept “unsellable” donations, which includes items that are chipped, broken, dirty, or not working. According to the Board, Shalom Shop currently spends over $1,000 per month just to dispose of trash.

“If you would not offer these items to a friend, we probably can’t use it,” the press release stated.

As has always been the case, there is a list of items that they will not accept, no matter their condition. That list can be found by each cash register. Finally, they will continue not accepting furniture until at least after Christmas.

New procedures

For those wishing to make a donation, items must be placed in closed totes, boxes, or good plastic bags. Empty boxes are available at the shop if needed. Trunk loads of loose items will be rejected.

Donations will be placed outside the front fence on the cement slab. The area will be well-marked. Because of COVID restrictions, donations cannot be brought directly inside. Since donations will be made only outside and volunteers will be present to make sure donations are acceptable, they will not be accepting donations when the temperature is below zero or it is snowing. The store will follow school policy for closing due to inclement weather. If the schools close, the store will also be closed.

Finally, since donations cannot be stored outside during the winter, donations will only be accepted on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in order to give volunteers plenty of time to process donations and make room inside.

The Shalom Board emphasized these new procedures are actually the result of the overwhelmingly positive response from the community.

“Every month we set new sales records and are able to increase the amount of money we can give back to the community,” the Shalom Board said. “Thank you to our hardworking volunteers and all of you who have donated many good, usable items. Because of you, we gave back to the community over $422,000 last year for food, shelter and clothing.”

Anyone with questions regarding donations or other store policies, hours, or to offer to volunteer can call 763-689-0348.

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