Some pie events taking place despite cancellation

This windmill was one of the winners from last year’s pie tin art contest.

Though the Braham Pie Day is not actively being held in the streets of Braham this year, there are still activates to help celebrate this historical event. 

Individuals can still participate in the famed Pie Tin Art contest. This year it will be a virtual event with the Braham Pie Tin Art creations being judge by uploaded photographs. The rules are the same as always, but a finished photograph of the work must be emailed to The judging will be by viewer’s choice on Facebook August 3 - 6. Pie tins can be purchased at Braham City Hall for one dollar. 

Also, the Annual Small Quilt show will be happening this year and will be done virtually. Entry forms for this event can found on

Even with the live event canceled, there is still a chance to talk and learn about pie. The pie-baking coordinators Tracy Fix and Katie Bloomdahl have been busy putting videos on The first one they did was about how to make the perfect pie crust and there will be more to come. There is also a Pie Picture Parade that can be found on the Facebook page Braham Pie Day. 

 Please share with what you will be doing to celebrate Pie Day on the Facebook page. The committee would love to see all the pictures and share them with social media to keep “the pie alive.” Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next year’s pie gala on Friday, August 6, 2021.

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