Minnesota’s strawberry season is off to a slow start due to cold temperatures, but farmers expect to see an abundant berry season.

Because conditions vary from region to region, the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) recommends checking with your local patch for information on availability before heading out to the farm.  

Strawberry season in Minnesota is short and sweet, typically two to three weeks long, but the length of harvest varies depending on varieties planted, weather and soil type.

In northeast Minnesota, Michael Lunemann of Lunemann’s Luney Berry Strawberry Farm noted that his crop is a few weeks behind. “A couple of fields are blooming, and by next week we’ll be in full bloom, so it’ll be closer to the 10th of July before we open,” he said.

In southeast Minnesota, farmer Kelsey Fitzgerald of Willie Nillie Farm expects to see berries a little sooner. “The crop went through the winter really well, and they look lush. I am hoping to see ripe berries the third week of June,” she said. The farm includes fresh strawberries in its CSA (community-supported agriculture) shares each summer.

Use the MDA’s Minnesota Grown Directory, available in print or online at www.minnesotagrown.com/search-directory/, to find local pick-your-own strawberry operations or farmers markets. The 2019 Directory includes 75 strawberry farms.

Order a free printed directory online at www.minnesotagrown.com/order-minnesota-grown-directory or call 1-800-657-3878.

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