Veterans can find help for  trauma at ‘Reboot’ course

Reboot Combat Recovery Group will be led by (from left) Ken Warfield (co-leader), Paula Neu (outreach coordinator) and Chuck Pearce (co-leader and Vietnam veteran). 

River Valley Christian Church will host a free course called Reboot Combat Recovery for veterans and their spouses beginning Sept. 10.  

More U.S. veterans have lost their lives to suicide than in all the battlefields in the country’s history. Coping with the trauma of the experiences of war can be an insurmountable goal. The VA has instituted many programs to help veterans heal from their physical and mental scars, but the spiritual trauma is virtually untouched. Without spiritual health, life can seem hopeless. But there is hope – Reboot Combat Recovery.

Reboot Combat Recovery is a 12-week course designed to help combat veterans recover from the assaults on their spiritual well-being. 

There are currently only two places offering this course in Minnesota, one in Minneapolis and one in Grandy (just north of Cambridge).

The course at River Valley Christian Church, 37126 MN 65, Stanchfield, will be facilitated by Chuck Pearce, a Vietnam combat veteran. Ken Warfield and Paula Neu are also part of the leadership team. 

The course will include a free dinner and child care, if needed. The course will run from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday nights from Sept. 10 through Nov. 26.  

More information is available at

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