Vietnam Veteran Memorial needs 435 missing photos to finish wall

A screenshot of the “Wall of Faces” page at shows the faces of soldiers who lost their lives in Vietnam. 

As we approach Veterans Day, I would like to share two very important numbers with you: 58,276 and 405.

As of Memorial Day 2019, there are 58,276 names on the national Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, the Wall of Faces, honoring service members of the U.S. Armed Forces who fought in Vietnam, those who died in service in Vietnam/South East Asia, and those service members who went unaccounted for during the war.  

A 1973 fire in St. Louis, Missouri, destroyed their military records, leaving no photos behind. In 2013, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund set out to find the pictures to preserve their legacies and sacrifices. As of October 2019, only 405 names are still missing pictures. 

The VVMF needs your help to find the last 405 missing photos.  

Share the VVMF’s story and the veterans’ names. We need to find family or friends of these fallen soldiers to get their picture and give them the honor they deserve. 

You can search for the names yourself by going to The public can upload photos directly to the VVMF website.

Contact the VVMF directly by emailing Latosha Adams at or by calling 202-765-3774. You can also send me an email to, and I will share the list with you.

Brian Allfrey is Executive Director of the Utah Press Association. 

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