North Branch Adult Basic Education is seeking volunteers to work one-on-one with adult ESL (English as a Second Language) students who desire to improve their English skills. No teaching experience is necessary.  All of the training and materials are provided free of charge. 

Tutors typically meet with their students once each week for 1½ hours, always in a public location. 

The schedule is flexible. Tutor/student pairs often meet at the North Branch Education Center on Tuesday or Thursday afternoons/evenings, but other days, times and locations are also possible.  

Much of the meeting time is devoted to conversation practice on topics of interest to the student. Some time is also given to studying basic grammar, reading and writing skills introduced in their student textbooks. Lesson plans are provided, but tutors always have the option of branching off into skills that are giving their student difficulty. 

The length of time you work with a student is open-ended, but tutors usually love the work so much that they stay with a student for a year or more. Most tutors take a month or more off in the summer. Others break for a few weeks in the winter when they travel south. 

Student goals may include: learning vocabulary and phrases that they need on their job; speaking with their child’s teacher or their doctor without an interpreter; studying for their driver’s license; or studying for the citizenship exam. 

Interested? For more information, call, text or email Julie Hawkinson, North Branch ABE Tutor Manager, at 612-875-5095 or 

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