About the Town: Celebrate Easter

EASTER IS THE time Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Gene Peterson writes in his book, The Message, “The men said, ‘Why are you looking for the Living One in a cemetery? He is not here, but raised up. Remember how he told you when you were still back in Galilee that he had to be handed over to sinners, be killed on a cross and in three days rise up?’” Then they remembered Jesus’ words. They left the tomb and broke the news of all this to the eleven and the rest.”

Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday following the full moon that occurs on or just after the spring equinox. In Christian calendars this is called the “Paschal Full Moon.” In 2021 the spring equinox occurs Saturday, March 20. The first full moon after that date rises on Sunday, March 28. Therefore, Easter will be observed on the subsequent Sunday which is Sunday, April 4.

CELEBRATING A BIRTHDAY is more than another year...it allows the adventure and purpose of life to continue. March 3 was my 85th celebration.

A pot luck was held on the Legacy Harbor pier with ribs and wings. Thirty plus boaters and a visit by our son, Carter, and his family made it special. Sixty-five cards were received. Ten percent of the cards had special greetings including a staff member offering a cake when we return in late April. There were lots of text messages, too.

One has to enjoy every birthday before they take them away. Aging has sorrows also as family and friends die.

Dining out is earlier. The 10 o’clock news gets missed but I’m wide awake for the 6 a.m. news. Naps after lunch have become routine.

Life insurance sales people stop calling but car dealers think we need extended warranties. The last new car we bought was in 2014 and we don’t have all the electronic gadgets figured out yet.

Splitting restaurant dinners is practical but buying groceries at big box stores doesn’t work. Catsup and pickle jars are just too big, last too long, and we can’t lift them.

Health issues become more serious. Medical research, new drugs, and now vaccinations are readily available and encouraging.

Prices were very different in 1936. The average worker made $1,713.00 per year. An average home cost $3,925.00. Gasoline was 10 cents per gallon. A loaf of bread cost eight cents. A Studebaker car cost $665.00. A lady’s swim suit cost $6.95. A first class stamp was three cents. Federal government spending was $48.23 billion.

Some pop culture and important events from that year include: The beginning of the Spanish Civil War; Germany breaks the Treaty of Versailles; the Pan Am Clipper, flying boat service begins service between America and Britain; “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell is published; some popular movies were: “The Alamo”, “The Great Ziegfeld”, and “The Charge of the Light Brigade;” the New York Yankees won the World Series over the New York Giants 4 to 2; Minnesota was the NCAA Football Champion (7-1-0); Eugene O’Neill won the Nobel Prize for literature; Benny Goodman and orchestra recorded “Stompin’at the Savoy” on Victor Records; the Baseball Hall of Fame was established and players elected were Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson; the first ski jumping tournament is held in Red Wing, Minnesota; the airship “Hindenburg” takes its first flight in Germany; the first stock car race is held in Daytona, Florida; boxing legend, Joe Louis, is knocked out by Max Schmeling; Life Magazine made its debut; RCA displays TV for the press; the 40 hour work week is approved by Congress.

THANKS FOR ALL the friendships, column readers and God-given favors.

GENE JOHNSONis Publisher Emeritus of Press Publications, owner of the Isanti-Chisago County Star. He can be reached at ppinfo@presspubs.com.

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