Winston Churchill once said, “I am always ready to learn, but I do not always like to be taught.”  

How quick most of us are – myself included – to offer advice or criticism to others, while not feeling quite as good when we are on the receiving end. If you read my articles on a regular basis you know I talk about leadership often, and by leaders you know I mean ALL of us. Each of us influences someone whether you realize it or not, and the more opportunities you have to lead, the more careful we have to be not to fall in the trap of not liking to be taught.

I don’t know what the status of the legislative process will be when this is printed, but I do know how frustrated many of us are as we have waited for some type of action to take place. 

As critical as I want to be regarding Minnesota government, I’m going to try and focus on the “learning” side of the quote and am hoping our elected representatives will do their part and help us understand why this gridlock continues.

Mr. Churchill didn’t always like being taught, but he learned over the course of his life how important it was to hear the honest truth.  I’d encourage us to take this advice and listen to all sides of the story as we make decisions.

Three good news briefs from Braham Schools:

- Comparing district revenue and expenditure documents posted annually by all public school districts in the state, Braham spends LESS to educate each child than any of our 11 neighbors.

- Braham’s four-year graduation rate (released just a few weeks ago) continues to outpace the state average by a wide margin!

- Congratulations to the girl’s golf team winning the 2019 Rum River Conference Championship, and to Emma Downing and Matt Yerke who were individual conference champions.

Braham Public Schools is BIG enough to offer opportunity, and SMALL enough to stand out. Contact me by stopping in, calling (320-396-5199) or by email to should you have questions.  

Follow the district on our website, Facebook or Twitter at: @Braham_Schools or my own feed @Supt_Gagner.

Ken Gagner is superintendent of Braham Area Public Schools. 

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