North Branch School News: ‘Viking Vittles’ partnership to benefit families

As you read this I know we are under threat of a winter storm, but, believe it or not, summer – and the end of the school year – is just around the corner. North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) will quickly transition from school to construction this spring as we begin year two of the improvements approved by voters in 2017. 

With the construction, anyone unsure where they need to go to access temporary spaces should go to Sunrise or the middle school for further direction. Signage will be placed at every building to help visitors locate temporary spaces.

Here are some things to expect:

North Branch Area Education Center (NBAEC): The entire building and parking lot will be closed for the summer. The parking lot is being re-done, and work to the building includes boilers and other HVAC improvements, classroom updates, electrical work and the beginning of the south addition.

Sunrise River School: Sunrise is scheduled for very little work this summer and will remain open. With the improvements starting at the NBAEC this summer, district offices will be temporarily located at Sunrise.

North Branch Area High School: The high school will be closed with the exception of the gymnastics area. Work begun last summer will continue, including classroom improvements, updates to common areas, boilers and other HVAC improvements, electrical work, a new parking lot, and the completion of the gym/fitness center addition.

North Branch Area Middle School: With the exception of the northwest corner of the building, which was completed last summer, the middle school will also be closed for usage. Floors, ceilings, boilers and other HVAC improvements, electrical work and classroom updates will all be taking place at the middle school as well.

Grounds: Construction projects to athletic fields will keep some off-line this summer as well. Middle school baseball and softball fields will be available this spring, but the open area to the north of those fields is being re-seeded and will not be available until further notice. At the high school, the stadium field, the track and tennis courts will not be available for use in the month of July, and the JV softball field will be off-line until August. Varsity softball and both the varsity and JV baseball fields will be open this spring. At Sunrise, the softball field will be available this spring, but the baseball field will be off-line until August. 

Dr. Deb Henton is superintendent of North Branch Area Public Schools. 

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