What You See Matters: Digital eye strain: the 21st century  eye condition
What You See Matters: Digital eye strain: the 21st century  eye condition

Most of us today spend more than two hours in front of a computer, cell phone, television or other electronic device daily. Due to our technology age, we are seeing more and more individuals of all ages, including our children, suffering from digital eye strain.

Digital eye strain is caused by blue light emissions from our digital devices. Unfortunately, our eyes are particularly poor at blocking or filtering out this blue light.

If a person is suffering from digital eye strain, they may experience symptoms like:

• blurred vision

• poor sleep

• red, dry or irritated eyes

• eye fatigue

• back, neck and shoulder pain

• headaches

Exposure to intense violet/blue visible radiation is damaging to the tissue of our retina (including the macula), and scientists have speculated that chronic exposure to blue/violet light may contribute to degenerative processes in the retina.

Cataracts, macular degeneration and other corneal issues have been linked to the damage that blue light emissions can cause.

Did you know that there is a technology called BluTech or BluDEFENSE that actually helps to filter out the blue light emissions from computers and cell phones? This not only helps to protect our eye health from diseases, but it provides better comfort for our eyes at work and school.

This technology can be added to our everyday glasses or to a special pair of reading or computer glasses, cutting out blue light emissions up to 99%, depending on the lens material and coating  the eye doctor chooses – thus, protecting the long-term health of our eyes and the eyes of our loved ones.

Dr. Michael Scheidt, OD, MPH, is a fellowship-trained optometrist practicing with Cambridge Eye Associates. He can be reached at 763-689-1494.

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