To the editor, 

I want to apologize for canceling the Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution for February. My main concern is to protect our volunteers. If it’s too cold for me, then it’s too cold for them also. 

Anytime the temperature is below 20 or we have a wind chill, then we will not subject them to have to work outside. They spend an average of 4-plus hours outside loading cars, and if it’s windy it is really cold. 

It was announced on KBEK; Facebook had a notation, and also the phone number (612-402-6100) had an up-to-date recording of the cancellation. 

We have not had to cancel in many years. Unfortunately, this year has either been really cold or snowy. We’ve been very lucky.

I understand that people need food. People could go to Family Pathways, as they were all open. 

Our distribution in March went very well, and the weather was great – not that cold that we had earlier in the year. We had lots of good food that we handed out. Had approximately 225 families that we served in a very short period of time. 

Thanks to all our volunteers who put in many hours in getting the food all sorted and ready to distribute. Parking was a little hectic, but this was due to the mud at the parking lot area. Hopefully we do not have bad or cold weather again. 

If you have not been here yet this year, then you will need two forms of ID to register – one being a driver’s license and also a utility bill.

Also, thanks go out to all our donors who so diligently support us each month. We wouldn’t be able to do this without your help.

Donna Kidrowski

Board of Cambridge Surplus Food Distribution


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