Before I get into my opinion on our Democratic liberals, I want everyone to know I voted for this party religiously throughout the seventies and eighties and would watch each debate and remember the promises they put forth. Number one was tax cuts for the common, working person. If I had a $5 bill each time I heard that from this party – which never has happened – I would be a wealthy man. 

First, I would like to piggyback off what Mr. Halbmaier responded to a few editorials he was challenged on, and affirm his numbers are spot on. Some folks seem to miss costs such as Medicare, housing, personal medical that covers illegal immigrants such as Minnesota Care, as well as food/clothing because no one can be turned away from our lucrative welfare system. 

We have a much larger problem brewing – jihad/ISIS/Somalis. After all the taxpayers of Minnesota and the federal government have done for these people, we get paid back with daycare fraud into the millions of dollars – up to 100 million in cash going out to support Islamic terrorist Al-Shabab in Somalia. 

In 2015 investigators documented 14 million in carry-on cash, which mushroomed to 84 million in 2016 on airplanes to Somalia. 

Additionally, Scott Stillman, who was brave enough to be the whistleblower – however, Dayton just dismissed this – was told by a high-ranking Democrat to keep his mouth shut. I contacted Klobuchar’s office two times and asked who told Scott to keep silent, and no return calls. Maybe Mr. Olseen can provide us with how much it cost us taxpayers to provide all welfare services to the Somalians in the last 12 years.

The MPR reported the St. Cloud Somalia state daycare center was closed due to fraud from Abdi Ali Mohamud. And now we have a jihad bigot, Ilhan Omar, as a state representative/foreign affairs committee, that has made it clear in her tweets she is a jihad terrorist supporter. Is this not the same person who was married to her brother and/or cousin, then divorced him when he was safe in this country? She should be sent packing, as well as everyone involved with the fraud from our daycare center the taxpayers provide. 

Lastly, please do some homework before making your decision in 2020. If you decide to support a party who only thinks about where they can benefit from voting numbers and could care less about the safety of your loved ones – a party that supports ISIS/jihad, massive tax increases, welfare support and police crucifiers – then this is the party is for you. 

Jerry Grell


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