To the editor,

I have lived and voted in District 32B since 1998. I am very disappointed that thanks to Bob Barrett and Republican leaders our vote for state representative will not count this November, will require the costs of a special election in February, and most importantly, residents of District 32B will not have representation in this legislative session (begins January 3) until months into the session. 

Despite being publicly called on the question of residence in 2014, Mr. Barrett, with his party’s support, continued the subterfuge. This September the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled that Bob Barrett does not live in our district. 

Because of a new law passed in 2015, the November election for this state house seat will be null and void, and a special election for February will be called. When the legislative session begins in January we will not have an elected state representative in the Minnesota House. By the time the special election votes are in and the necessary paperwork completed, we may not have representation until March.

Laurie Warner has been playing by the rules and working hard across the district. I’ve observed Ms. Warner’s busy schedule of door knocking, being present at public events and fundraisers, listening respectfully to all voices, and taking the time to explain her positions. It is a shame that we cannot simply elect her this November. We need a state representative who is present in our community, who works hard for us, and who has integrity and respects us enough to play by the rules.

Ronna Linroth

North Branch


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