To the editor,

A poem written by a resident in an assisted living facility:

No One Asked Me - Author Unknown

They closed the doors & put up a sign

“It’s for your protection,” was the same old line

There was something coming- that no one could see

But did I want protected? No one asked me.

First, they kept my family out, any visit came to a stop

No one could come in- those were the orders

Yes, straight from the Tippity-Top

No outings, entertainers or activities for you

We can’t have anyone co-mingling- that just won’t do

“You are old & at Risk. The most likely to die.”

Me? No one has lived through so much as I

I’ve seen wars & droughts, tornadoes & such

A daughter of the Depression- I have done without much

I’ve seen many things in my ninety-odd years

Some arrive to accolades- others bring fears

Now I sit here waiting- everyone seems afraid as can be

Am I afraid of dying? No one asked me.

Two weeks turned to five months & still no one’s unlocked the door

Do they know I’m still here? Do they care anymore?

Life isn’t just breathing- there’s a lot more that must be

Hugging, touching, hearing, seeing…but no asked me.

But I sit behind a window- my eye sight’s grown dim

I can’t see well enough to tell tree limb from kin

I think of My rights. Where could they be?

The government came & took them & they never asked me.

Now I am silent- my broken heart is all I leave

My family not beside me- alone I had to grieve

Calling my prison protection is a Travesty

To steal my precious Freedom- because No One Asked Me

Being isolated from loved ones is worse than death. And, don’t you all  wonder why so much fear is being spread among young people given their survival rate, according to the CDC, is close to 98.999%? Church leaders bow down, businesses close, people submit to the government. Do you want a government to control your lives, where you can go, when you can go, where you cannot go, defund & disrespect the police, allow thugs to burn down cities, open the borders, abortions performed on nine-month-old babies, “free” medical for everyone (nothing is free);  the Green New Deal (no gas driven cars) and on and on and on? Wake up Americans.

Karen Olson


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