To the editor,

A few weeks ago someone asked a question in the “Ask a Trooper” column that was never really answered. The question was, “Why doesn’t the state of Minnesota have a helmet law requiring the wearing of a helmet for riding a motorcycle?” 

The trooper gave a lot of statistics about accidents, etc., but never answered the question. 

Back in the ’70s or early ’80s Minnesota passed a helmet law requiring everyone to wear a helmet while riding a scooter or motorcycle. A lot of motorcyclists wanted to still have the wind blowing through their hair (and once in a while a fence post or two), and so they started a campaign against any politician who had voted for the helmet law. The following election many, if not all, of them were voted out of office and were replaced by new politicians that repealed the helmet law.

Not wanting to lose their jobs, the subject of a helmet law has not been brought up since. That is why Minnesota does not have a helmet law.

Joseph Bruhn


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