To the editor, 

About a year and a half ago, I was in a parade with some Democrats in Ramsey, Minnesota, with my daughter. We were dressed up as Vikings for the parade, as the Vikings are sometimes thought of as being Minnesota’s first immigrants. One lady came up at the end of the parade and said we were all great people for marching in the parade, but could we please do something about the president? 

Well, in Isanti County and Chisago County, this is the time to do something. Precinct caucuses for the Democratic Farmer-Labor Party are on the 25th of February this year. Your local newspapers should be able to give you information on caucus locations.  

A caucus is a place where you get together with your neighbors and organize. Democrats in our area need caucus conveners, candidates, delegates and people to work to hold our local convention, and we also elect people to go on as delegates to our District #8 and Minnesota State DFL conventions. You may have the chance to go to the State DFL Convention even if you have never attended before. 

The Minnesota State Primary is on March 3, and you can vote for president at your polling place. If you don’t know where to vote, you can ask at your county auditor’s office. 

You have a chance then to vote for your favorite DFL candidate to help decide who is our party’s final nominee at the Democratic National Convention.

We need people to come out and get involved. We need to elect our national delegates to the Democratic Convention. If you consider yourself a Democrat, please come and join us. You won’t get bored. 

Need more information? Contact the Minnesota State DFL or you can look up Chisago Isanti DFL on your computer. Or you can call me at 763-689-4246.

Barbara Kruschel


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