To the editor, 

The Cambridge Ambassador Program has always been well-supported within the community and beyond, and intends to continue to be transparent and a model of integrity as a viable community resource, providing mentorship opportunities for young women, volunteers for local business and community events, and representatives of the community past the perimeter of the city.

In a disappointing development, we found out that one of our Ambassadors has violated her contract. It was of utmost importance to the committee to issue appropriate sanctions that will discipline only the offender, but not affect the other two Ambassadors or any of our excited candidates in a negative way.

The Ambassador will forfeit her scholarship and return all tangible goods and gifts given to her during the year, which includes her crown, jewelry and wardrobe. A “Candidate Closet” will be started, with the intent to provide appropriate wardrobe options for our future candidates to borrow. Past and future Ambassadors will also be able to contribute dresses and professional pieces to this collection.

A portion of the forfeited scholarship will be given to the other two Ambassadors to bring their total award to $2,000 each, which is always our goal, but dependent on the success of the Ambassador Classic Golf Tournament. The remaining amount will stay in the scholarship fund and be used other times our fundraising efforts fall short of our goal.

As a program that mentors young women, we also felt it was important to continue to be uplifting and supportive even through this disappointing situation. We chose to embrace this unfortunate indiscretion and use it as a teachable moment, showing young women how to recover from mistakes and ultimately heal in a positive way.

Because her indiscretion does not interfere with her ability to continue to serve as an exemplary Ambassador, we are extending grace and giving her the opportunity to rise from her mistake and shine brighter than ever before by finishing the last eight weeks of her yearlong commitment.

We also extend thanks to the community of Cambridge for supporting us along our journey, which sometimes consists of hard lessons and tough love.

Laurie Solle, Director

Cambridge Ambassador Program

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Bethany Kozel

This situation is unfortunate, but I applaud the way it's being handled and maintaining the integrity of the program. It could not have been an easy situation for any involved. Well done.

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