To the editor,

Almost two-thirds of the citizens of Cambridge voted to improve the parks, roads and library services used by the entire region. For the vote to be realized, bills need to be introduced in the Minnesota House and Minnesota Senate.

A big thank you goes to Senator Mark Koran, who said that he will carry out the will of the majority of the voters, and will introduce a bill in the Minnesota Senate. 

Unfortunately, Representative Brian Johnson has flatly refused to introduce a bill into the Minnesota House. He states that he is flatly opposed to a small tax increase even if it has overwhelming popular support. He will not support parks that benefit our area. Representative Johnson must not believe that the roads should be maintained to support the commerce of our city. Representative Johnson’s position stands in opposition to the cultural and educational resources that the proposed new library would provide to people of our town and the surrounding area. 

Please contact Representative Brian Johnson and let him know that you are disappointed with his decision to reject the people’s vote and to fight against more funding for roads and parks in Cambridge and against the proposed new library.

Rep. Brian Johnson (R) District 32A

243 State Office Bldg.

St. Paul, MN 55155


Barbara Kruschel


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