To the editor,

A provision for permitting oil exploration and development on Section 10-02 of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has been included as a non-relevant clause in the Trump tax bill. 

ANWAR is our country’s “Serengeti.” It is the birthing place for porcupine caribou because it is both rich in food and has weather conditions (extreme winds) that keep the bugs from attacking the calves, but are dangerous for oil development. This area is breeding grounds for many birds, including our state bird, the loon. It is also home to many other endangered animals of the far north. 

Just as important, it is critical to the economic livelihood of the Gwich’n Indians who get the majority of their food and clothing from Caribou. Oil company activities would be devastating to the caribou and the livelihood of the Gwich’n. 

Please urge your Congressional representatives to repeal this provision and continue to protect Section 10-02 of ANWR as all presidential administrations have done prior to the current one.

To learn more about ANWR, go to

Bob Walz

North Branch

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