To the editor,

Thank you, Jerry Grell for your letter extolling the virtues of the Trump presidency. You’re right, no president has done more to the country than he has. I have a few additions to your letter.

Yes, Trump returned his 4-year salary of $1.6 million. Do I have to ignore $8 million that taxpayers paid directly to his companies for his vacations and golf outings? Do I ignore as much as $13 million people paid to stay at his properties to get his approval?  

Trump does deserve some credit for the “Great American Outdoors Act.” We also have to weigh the passage of the law against his administration’s moves to significantly weaken it right after the 2020 election.

It’s true, black unemployment dropped to historical levels during his term. How about the rates at the start and end of his term? Looking at one snapshot in time is like a losing Indy 500 driver claiming he won because he had the lead for one lap. Trump’s black unemployment numbers started at 7.5% and finished at 9.2%. For comparison, during Obama’s second term the rates went from 13.7% to 7.5%.

Mr. Grell said that, during Trump, the US became the biggest exporter of oil. If that’s true, then why did we need the Keystone XL pipeline? A leak in that pipeline could have destroyed more than 110,000 agricultural jobs and $40 billion in economic activity.

The glaring omission in Mr. Grell’s list of what Trump did to the country is his handling of Covid-19. We could compare US death rates to the rest of the world and see how disastrous Trump was but I’ll just look at two numbers. 400,000 US deaths during Trump. Lancet, the British medical journal, stated that 40% of those deaths could have been avoided. Will whatever Trump did well economically bring those 160,000 people back? 

Jeff Benny


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