To the editor,

Democrats would like to impeach Trump simply because they are jealous they have not accomplished one tenth of what this president has completed in three years. What everyone should look at is the positive accomplishments this president has accomplished in a short period of time. Let’s compare. 


- ObamaCare: He explained rates would not go up, and you can use the same doctor. Premiums doubled to tripled, as well as cost to taxpayers to subsidize this welfare program is $685 billion per year, and if you do not have insurance you will pay a fine (source: Bloomberg).

- Raised taxes on the most wealthy Americans whom already paying for 80% of federal taxes, and Democrats continue to say the wealthy have to pay their fair share. Also for middle class capital gains tax increase by 8%. 

- Obama created much tensions between blacks/whites. He explains that there is unfair treatment in jobs and on the street. Well, Obama you should be proof that if you work hard and act like a productive human being this country is geared for ANYONE to succeed with hard work ethic.

- Gives Iran a gift of $1.7 billion to a terrorist country that now has missile capabilities that could certainly harm the U.S.

Trump accomplishments: 

- Largest tax cuts for the common worker since Reagan. After tax cuts, $300 billion poured back into our economy. Ask yourself when was the last time you received a tax cut from a Democrat? Now Trump’s opposition claimed this would cripple the economy – really? Four million jobs created, 400,000 manufacturing jobs posted since elected; fastest growing in three decades. African American/Hispanic/Asian and women – the lowest unemployment ever recorded. 

- Business index hit record high. No other president has exceeded 22 points; now at record-high 27 points.

- 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps. 

- Finally, because of Trump’s efforts, China will have to play in the same sandbox as the USA, signing a massive trade imbalance agreement between our two countries that no other president, Democrat or Republican, could accomplish.

Finally, we have a president who will not build up Iran’s missiles that the taxpayer paid for from Obama’s $1.7 billion dollar gift. Trump placed major economic sanctions against Iran and is not afraid to use military force in order for them to stop killing their own people and Americans.

Jerry Grell


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