To the editor,

What was to be the 37th annual Cambridge-Isanti Senior Scholarship Awards Night was to be held the evening of Tuesday, May 26, 2020. The school can’t hold the event this year, but scholarships will again be awarded to the graduating seniors, albeit in a different format. With gratitude we can announce that the number and dollar amount of those scholarships is very near to the past two years, which were record setting.  

The generosity of this community has shone bright during these very difficult economic times. Even though our annual Phonathon had to be canceled, a mailed and online request to previous donors raised 85% of last year’s donations. Many donors increased their donations, which offset those unable to contribute. Nearly all of our annual donors gave scholarships again this year. 

We join with many others and feel the sadness and pain of the 2020 graduates and their families. They have missed so many of the landmark events that celebrate graduation from high school. To the 2020 graduates there is some positive news. This generous community is providing 202 scholarships with a total value of $182,970 to help you further your education. This is more than a gift to help pay for schooling. It is also a gift of lessons learned about generosity, giving to others and helping us to remember and honor those loved ones whose names are attached to many of the scholarships.

To the Class of 2020, congratulations, to our benefactors and donors, we thank you! 

Dr. Ray Hoheisel

President, Cambridge-Isanti Dollars for Scholars Board

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