To the editor,

Many of you choose to communicate your lives on social media.  This form of communication is a great tool for our fast-paced lives but I think there is a proper time and place.

 Isanti Firefighters have recently reported seeing unusually high numbers of passerby’s stopping, standing in nearby ditches and adjacent roadways using cellphones to take pictures and videos of accident scenes. 

These motor vehicle accidents are some peoples’ worst days- ever, in some cases it is their last day.  

In my job I would normally be focusing this note on the safety that is at risk- taking pictures while standing near moving traffic without proper protective gear or worse yet, illegally from a vehicle you are driving can have life threatening effects of its own, as you know. Additionally, please consider offering these moms, dads, grandparents, and friends some decency.  

Alan Jankovich

Isanti Fire District Fire Chief

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