To the editor,

My letter is in response to a letter in last week’s County Star. There is concern over the endangerment of our large Minnesota birds due to greenhouse gas emissions. This should concern us all. The loon, our state bird, the trumpeter swan – yes, I am concerned.

Being an avid bird lover, I am also very concerned what the “out of control” population of feral cats in our area is doing to the wild bird population – 3.8 billion small birds are killed yearly by free-roaming, feral cats.

Any given winters in the past I would see 50 finches at my station. This year I’ve seen maybe five. 

Currently, there are three feral cats on our property. I called Isanti Animal Control. I was told they can’t do cats. All the rescues in the Twin Cities have lists. If I lived in Elk River I could call the sheriff there. He would then call people who come and get them.

This all begins with making the decision to adopt a cat or kitten. Do the responsible thing and have it spayed or neutered. Then do the next thing and do not allow it out. 

We have cats. We love the wild birds. Our cats do not go out. The cat I have now was found dumped on the road as a blind kitten with her siblings in September of 2014. Luckily, a lady stopped and was able to take them home. She bottle-fed them. 

There was no place then for anyone to take unwanted and feral cats, and there still isn’t – not in this county. St. Paul has a program. They catch, spay and neuter. Then they feed them.

All the shelters I called are either full to capacity or don’t deal with wild or unwanted cats.

Sad, but true – nothing changes if nothing changes!

Cheryl Bird


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