To the editor,

Watched a flock of blackbirds banking over the autumn burgundy oak trees in the evening light.

These days, my thoughts always turn to the Covid situation and did again.

The approach pursued to protect people from this coronavirus has always struck me as wrong. The foremost reason being that the most important aspect of people’s health is our social nature and halting our social lives is detrimental to our health more assuredly than any virus. Just like one facet of this truth I learned as a reading tutor: never tell a child to stop because they always need to be learning.

Life is meant to ebb and flow like the motion of those blackbirds. Yes, we loose some but we keep going and we get to the tropics. This isolation approach: “social distance”, wear a mask, never congregate, never celebrate just eats away at us.

The other reasons it has struck me as wrong is the lack of perspective and context. Day in and day out we are told the lines and persuaded that science bears this out but we are not given all the facts, only the ones that feed the narrative. When the 200K deaths were announced, the CDC report was of 185,000-some deaths due to Covid-19 and included in that report was the number of deaths caused by pneumonia: 195,000-some. Hmm. We aren’t shutting and have never shut down everything for the risk pneumonia poses to people, year in and year out. Yet, apparently, the narrative must be told how horrible this virus is and ignore information that the bacteria causing pneumonia deaths is more dangerous. We are used to pneumonia. We wouldn’t stop the presses for pneumonia threats because that would be ridiculous.

Why are we letting this happen to our society? Why does the narrative push for this?

Sweden didn’t shut down. Has their population been decimated?

Where is the perspective and the context?

Can’t we just say, “Enough! The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes!”

Together on the journey, banking and swooping,

Edna Reichle-Terry


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