To the editor,

In last week’s County Star, Pete Boelter’s letter spoke about 8th district Republican Representative Pete Stauber. Boelter said he thought being in law enforcement would help Stauber separate fact from fiction. Then he went on to denigrate President Trump. This letter answers Mr. Boelter with the truth.  

Here are the facts: 1) Hillary Clinton paid for a dossier full of lies given to the FISA Court to gain permission to spy on candidate Donald Trump; 2) the FBI, led by director James Comey, was complicit; 3) The CIA, led by John Brennan and James Clapper, was also complicit. 

This is the biggest constitutional crisis in our country’s history – one party, the Democrats, spying illegally on the opposition candidate. And the CIA and FBI colluded in this illegal spying in an attempted “coup,” which is actually treason. 

Attorney General William Barr, along with prosecutor John Durham, are now doing the work that Mueller should have done. The Mueller investigation was a partisan witch hunt that only investigated Republican actions – it never looked into shady Democrat actions. Everyone on Mueller’s team was a Democrat. Ironically, everything the Democrats have accused the Republicans of, they – the Democrats – have done. 

Concerning the phony impeachment inquiry, Democratic House Committee Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, in Soviet style, only allowed Democrats to call witnesses and didn’t allow Republicans to call even one witness. Every American has a right to “due process,” and yet President Trump was denied this fundamental citizen right. 

One clue to the underhanded tactics in this phony inquiry is that Chairman Schiff received four Pinocchios from the Washington Post for lying. 

I list here four of the 53 amazing accomplishments of President Trump: 1) Asian unemployment the lowest ever, 2) unemployment of women the lowest rate in 65 years, 3) almost 3.9 million Americans off food stamps, and 4) withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran deal (where Obama gave them 1.7 billion in cold cash to help fund terrorism). 

Paul Gazelka, majority leader of the Minnesota Senate, supports Trump. He says, “When it comes to the important issues faced by our country and state, do you want a leader who makes you feel good while our world-class economy, health care, jobs and education erode? Or do you want a president who says what he means, does what he says, who keeps us safe and strong, and frankly isn’t very political about it? I’m choosing substance over style.” 

David E. Johnson


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curtis anderson

New Year Wishes---President Trump

I wish that the Senate trial will be fair.

I wish that there will be irenic (toward peace) conversations between evangelicals.

I wish that Bible believers will pray for President Trump iaw I Timothy 2.

Curtis Anderson


curtis anderson

New Year Wishes---President Trump

+I wish that the Senate trial will be fair.

+I wish that there will be irenic (toward peace) conversations between evangelicals.

+I wish that Bible believers will pray for President Trump iaw I Timothy 2.

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