To the editor,

Imagine if: Trump ignored the  warnings surrounding the massive BP spill permitting to rubber stamp the dangers of the drilling operation and failed to act in a timely manner and keeping Americans in the dark for weeks like Obama did?

Imagine if: Trump opened the borders for everyone to flood in and in excess of 6,000 children whom may never see their parents that are put in Green houses sleeping in tin foil beds inches apart with 4100 children in a 250 max capacity green house and spreading COVID and Biden just poo-pooed it in the media along with VP Harris laughing about it. No media is allowed. Imagine?

Imagine if: Donald JR lied on his gun permit stating he did not use any drugs, which is a felony, as well as lied about a laptop that maybe belongs to the tooth fairy, and blames Russia set him up?

Imagine if: Trump would have allowed multiple Republican dominated cities/states to be burned to the ground as well as several shootings/murders including children eventually costing the tax payers billions to rebuild watching this for days/weeks as the Democrats did?

Imagine if: Trump had videos of alleged sexual misconduct, which includes many young girls made uncomfortable as well as accusations from Jessica Collins being sex trafficked by Joe Biden?

Imagine if : Trump did not pay federal taxes on $13 million as Joe Biden was allowed?

Imagine if: The Trump family was accused of shady business dealings with China and Ukraine as the Biden Family is, Collusion? Possible impeachment?

Imagine if: Gov Cuomo was a Republican with the Nursing home scandals killing thousands and his sexual misconducts keep pouring out, then being swept under the rug.

 Now Loren’s Claims Unquestionable threats to lives, here is mine:

All in Chicago, three weeks ago 21 shot, six killed; December 2021 Holiday weekend 30 shot six killed; June 2020 seven children killed. In DC two girls 13 and 15 years old Murder Mohammad Anwar, an Uber Eats Driver trying to steal his vehicle. In America one person is murdered every 31 minutes. Rape one person every 1.9 minutes. Source: crime clock. Democrats’ solution: defund the police. Omar says dismantle the police dept. This has been going on for decades primarily in Democratic cities. Their claim is it’s a police problem?  

Jerry Grell


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