To the editor, 

In the Feb. 21 issue of this paper Mr. Boelter claimed that my facts disputing his earlier letter were distorted. We could continue to spar on the facts forever as I’m as sure of mine as he is of his. The issue on immigration should be about immigration policies. It also should not be about “Trump bashing.”

Just know that most American citizens are not happy about the continued crimes committed by MS13 gang members and other illegal immigrants. We do have empathy for their victims. 

Nor are we happy with the $57 million spent each year to educate illegal children (his number, not mine). That is at least $1 billion per year cost for each state. Think how our school districts could use that money to educate U.S. citizens’ children. How much more diluted are we willing to let the school budgets or the welfare system get before we say “enough?”

It is important for any person who is undecided about the idea of illegal immigration to understand that a welfare/socialist system – which is where the democrats are trying to take us – and open borders, which they also support, are not compatible. It is a suicide mission for our nation.

In Mr. Boelter’s letter he states his pride in his grandparents’ immigration from Sweden, Norway and Germany. This is great and we need more LEGAL immigration. But I’m sure his grandparents, like mine, came here legally and assimilated as Americans. They didn’t sneak across the border and hide out in sanctuary cities. There lies the difference. A wall is cheap in the effort to help our border agents control our southern immigration compared to the real cost of open borders.

Yes, Mr. Boelter, President Trump won with the electoral vote. Thank goodness that we have an electoral college or our country would be under the total control of New York and California politicians. That’s working well.

Richard Halbmaier


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