To the editor, 

This pertains to the issue of Representative Brian Johnson refusing to introduce to the Minnesota House the Cambridge library referendum bill in the legislature, which was approved by voters for a new library.  

Representative Johnson, have you visited the library to see current overcrowded conditions under which the Cambridge Library and Regional Headquarters are trying to provide services for Cambridge and the region?  If not, please do so. And then compare it to library facilities in Chicago County. Talk to staff and learn about the conditions they are trying to provide a very large variety of services to Isanti County and the region. That building is too small and needs many repairs and upgrades which will be expensive and not provide any badly needed space. That sounds like a waste of taxpayer money.

One concern that was expressed is that people who are not residents of Cambridge have not voted for this tax and will be paying it.  The flaw in that is that many of us who are not residents of Cambridge use the services there. We also drive on Cambridge streets and use the parks there. We depend on the Cambridge library to provide services to the rest of the county and the region. The library continues to upgrade and add more services for everyone.  Please check out what is now available there. 

The tax is small and should not deter people from continuing to patronize the businesses in Cambridge rather than drive many miles to find comparable businesses. I am a resident of Isanti County but not Cambridge and approve of the idea of this tax to provide library services as well as the street and parks upgrades.   

Please reconsider your decision and aid Cambridge, Isanti County and the region to continue to be a strong business and library hub.  

Judy Hegstrom


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