To the editor, 

My neighbors in the Cambridge community – 62 percent of them – spoke boldly and bravely when they voted for a new public library referendum in November 2018. These neighbors clearly understood the value of a literate community; they understood the value of “place” available to all regardless of context; they understood the value of caring for all citizens from preschool to elders, and they understood tax dollars supporting these basic democratic principles. 

I immediately became enthused and energized looking forward to the day when I could take my grandchildren to a carefully and creatively designed 21st century space in Cambridge for all of us to read, write, create and explore in community without an entrance fee. 

However, I realized my naiveté when I was informed about the protocol for implementation of this vote. We need Representative Brian Johnson to introduce this library referendum bill in the legislature?

Now my neighbors are telling me that Representative Brian Johnson (R-32A) indicated he will NOT introduce the Cambridge library referendum bill in the legislature. What? Gah!

Please help me understand how to support 62 percent of my neighbors since my elected representative is not representing the will of his constituency. 

Donna McNear


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