To the editor,

In his letter of March 18, Jerry Grell listed #45’s accomplishments while in office. He included many statistics and, in some cases, compared #45’s achievements with those of his predecessors. I could argue most of them and question his sources, but instead, let’s assume that every word he wrote was true. Why then would 81 million voters cast their ballots for #45’s opponent?

From the moment he announced his candidacy for POTUS, #45 tried to convince us the country had gone into the toilet when, under President Obama, the economy had grown for 85 consecutive months and unemployment was low. He belittled the disabled, called the press an “enemy of the people” and assigned derogatory names to those whose opinions were different than his. He hired “the best people”, only to fire many of them and watch others eagerly leave. He called over 20 women who accused him of assault “liars” and even said about one “she’s not my type.” As an example of goodness and leadership, #45 was a failure from the start.

The man lied about issues that mattered to Americans. The Washington Post tallied over 30,000 falsehoods during his term. Lies dominated his speeches. Everything good that happened was because of him. Everything bad was due to the failure of someone else. He couldn’t deliver the one thing the American people most deserve  from their President – the truth.

Despite all this, #45 might have been re-elected if he had properly handled the pandemic. Instead, he poo-pooed the coronavirus from the start, told us it would go away, questioned the experts, presented some ridiculous “cures,” failed to present and uphold mitigation methods, spoke ill of anyone who suggested other paths, and stood in his own way of progress. When leadership was needed, he thought only of himself. He failed.

Months before the election, he prepared us (and, more importantly to him, prepared himself) for loss. He showed no confidence in the very process that won him the office in 2016. He took his right to question the election results to a dangerous level, bullying election officials to overturn the results and ultimately organizing and inciting the January 6 insurrection which resulted in the loss of several lives, much injury and damage, and an unquestionable threat to the lives of every member of Congress. Remarkably and sadly, his supporters in Congress and millions of Americans approved.

Supporters of #45 can thank him all they want. I’m just thankful he’s gone.

Loren Brabec


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